I think a possible theme for Incident at Hawk's Hill is that you should never give up. In the book Ben's family never stopped looking for him, and guess what eventually Ben was found.

Character trait

I would like to be hopeful no matter how dire a situation may seem. I would like to have this trait because if you have hope things generally tend to get better.

reflection of the week

This week in class we read incident on Hawk's Hill. I really like this book it is quite interesting. One of the most suspenseful parts if the book so far is when Ben gets lost.  In class we have also been writing letters to someone in the career field we are interested in. I am writing someone who works at SeaWorld because I am interested in marine biology.

School days

I believe school days should stay the same or be shorter. I think this because students in Finland have shorter school days and score higher the Americans on the state teats, and because students would be more stressed if the school day was longer.

Career choice

In class our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up; I want to be a marine biologist. I want to be a marine biologist because I think marine life is really cool and Ive always wanted to help rescue and release animals, it just sounds really cool.

Fake news and War of the worlds

In class we read a play based off of the science fiction book War of the Worlds we also read an article about fake or unreliable news. Both of the passages talk about people believing things that are not true. In war of the Worlds when people would tune into the radio show late they would not hear the announcement that the story was not real and would think the Earth was being attacked by aliens. In the article about fake news it talked about people believing fake stories on the Internet and using them in reports.

Theme of the tempest

After watching The Tempest I can safely say that one of it's themes is to forgive others.  I think this because the whole play was about Prosparo's revenge but in the end he forgave his brother.